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This Article was printed in Sweetwater, Tennessee's  Advocate Democrat 11/14/2004

“Stay in the throttle

‘til you see Elvis”

 Ahrma. Kershaw, S.C.

Wham! Just what I didn’t need, another crash. In the blink of an eye, a damaged bike, cracked ribs, torn leathers, and yet another brand new helmet saved my bacon once again. Bleeding and struggling to stand, I have to raise my arms above my head so the officials don’t send the ambulance. Limping to the racer I find I don’t have what it takes to lift it off the ground. Patched up by the medics in the pits, I wondered how my next phone call to my wife was going to go. Probably like all the rest when I’ve managed to bend some equipment. Yeah honey, in the fourth lap I was leading second place by a half a lap. By the sixth lap I was in fourth place fighting for third when ahhh, I sort of went down in a turn. What? Oh yeah I’m great, just slid off the track a little. Went down always sounds better to your Mom or loved one rather than talking to your buddies and saying what really happened; Holy Mackerel! You wouldn’t believe it; I had the field covered by half a lap! The bike started slowing down by the end of the fifth lap. It turns out I had chosen a racing fuel with too high of an octane rating for the 12:1 compression motor I had built. Trying to make up for going slower and seeing the rest of the pack closing on me I had to go deeper into the turns before hitting the brakes. The front tire washed out and then it’s the old earth sky earth sky dance.  When I first got into road racing motorcycles I asked a seasoned veteran of the Ed Bargy Road Racing School, how do you gauge when its time to  brake for a turn? His reply was something I’ll never forget. Standing there in his weathered, scuffed leathers he was obviously no stranger to impromptu exits from racetracks himself. He calmly said; Stay in the throttle ‘til you see Elvis”. Hmmm, words to live by. Diving into turns way too late on archaic drum brakes, (we aren’t allowed modern disk brakes, this is vintage motorcycle racing ya know) the heat was getting to them and they were fading quicker than a $20 bill on a Saturday night. My 215lbs weren’t helping matters either. Life gives you warning signs if you just heed them. It’s like when girls roll their eyes and say; “go away”. This statement usually means find someone else to share your moon pie and the adventures of Piggly Wiggly in the third grade weekly reader with. Looking back on the race, if you’re sliding into turns. Your eyes are as big as pie plates. The rear wheel is trying to pass the front, and the only real reason your still on the bike at all is the fact your pulling a nine out of a possible ten on the pucker machine, maybe just maybe something is saying this is gonna leave a mark. On the other hand I can remember reading what Bart Markel a very famous motorcycle dirt track racer once said; “If you don’t fall down once in a while, you’re not going fast enough”. To the chagrin of my wife, I have always subscribed to that way of thinking.  As I write this, my ribs have somewhat healed the bruises have gone away and thoughts turn to the big daddy of them all, Daytona Bike Week in March 2005. Racers come from all parts of the globe for a chance to compete with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, or www.ahrma.org. I have gone to Daytona bike week since the age of fourteen, some thirty nine years ago. Maybe this coming year will be my debut. I hope so, there’s only a little over four months to prepare for it. Stay tuned, I hope to send the Advocate Democrat some good news from the track. Just making the race would be great. Cheers, Bobby Mckahan