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Here Are Just A Few Of The Services We Offer:

  • General Tune-Ups, Tire Mounting And Balancing, Carburetor Cleaning and Sync
  • Jetting = We Set Fuel Systems Correctly. Whether It Is Carbureted Or Fuel Injected, Road Or Racing A Well Managed Fuel System Pays Dividends.
  • Cam Shaft Degreeing, Whether Its A Hot New Bumpstick Or The Original OEM Cam. Degreeing Your Cam Is An Essential Step To A Well Running Engine. Just Bolting In A Cam Doesn't Cut It
  • Porting Two Stroke Cylinders
  • Porting Four Stroke Cylinder Heads
  • Valve guide installation
  • Big Valve Installation
  • Big Bore Kit Installation, Upper Crankcase Boring To Accept Bigger Sleeves
  • Cylinder Boring, Honing, and  O Ringing
  • Transmission Undercutting = You Shift To The Next Gear And It Pops Back Out Under Load To A False Neutral. This Is A Symptom Of Your Transmission Engaging Dogs That Have Been Rounded Off. The Cure Is Either Another OEM Gear Or Back Cutting The Engaging Dogs On The Offending Gear.
  • Milling Machine and Metal Lathe Work
  • Welding
  • Race Preparation
  • Wheel Building = We Lace And True Spoke Wheels. Whether It's Back To OEM Size Or You Want A Wider Rim To Fit A Fatter Tire. Maybe Dress It Up With Chrome Spokes. Its What Ever You Want.
  • Suspensions = We Understand Suspensions. Most People Ride Their Bikes With Their Suspensions Set At The Factory Default Settings. We Can Tailor Your Bike To Your Weight And Riding Abilities. We Can Also Lower Most Motorcycles For A More Comfortable, Secure Feeling. You Don't  Have To Ride Something That Keeps You On Your Tippy Toes
  • Exhaust Systems, Fitting Aftermarket and/or Custom Fabrication
  • Fabrication = We Have Machined Manifolds For Supercharged Z1R Kawasaki's From A Solid Block Of Billet Aluminum, Chrome Molly Extended Swing Arms With Air Shifter Tanks Incorporated Within, Wheelie Bars For Drag Racing, Turbocharged Systems From Scratch - Our Own Manifolds, And Exhaust Systems.
  • Wash-Wax And Detailing = By Appointment Only. Our Customers Have Been Dazzled By The Results Of This Service.
  • We Are Dealers For Many of The Top Motorcycle Industry Suppliers. Call With Your Needs, I Am Confident You Will Be Satisfied.